BitCreek Wallet Latest News

November 7th, 2019
BitCreek is growing very fast. Today, on Nov 07th, we have surpassed 15000 members worldwide. On the Google Play Store we are over 5k downloads. 



These are good signs of growth for our project. In a surprisingly short time, we have grown to 15000 community members. We appreciate our members' support, who always stand with our vision. BitCreek will keep on providing you with the best services.


We have some important updates which we would like to address here:


1 - Office Tour Video
As our community members, you are our family member, so we would like to share our office with you. The office tour video is coming later today.

2 - Live Trading Proof
We have got a lot of queries about live-trading. We know that a few other companies have provided some Arbitrage trading proofs.  But, arbitrage trading is not profitable with high volumes. It is only effective below 3000$, and one cannot arbitrage for 1 or 2 million dollars. If someone is claiming he is, he is just lying.

So, How Bitcreek is Different from Others?
Well, we never claimed that we are only doing arbitrage trading, we are trading crypto market. We have set up a page on our website, where people can see all of our active orders in all of our accounts. We are also making a video to proof those orders shown on our trading stats page are real orders mirroring our account. We are trading on Binance, and if you have some trading knowledge, you can cross-verify from the Binance order book whether those orders are real or not. We are for 100% transparency.


3 - Instant Withdrawals
As promised, we are implementing an Instant Withdrawal system. We appreciate your patience during this time. We always need our community support, and we will always strive to make BitCreek the best project for everyone.

Withdrawal transactions are being halted for a maximum of 48 hours to avoid any loss during the implementation.  As soon as implementations are completed, we will reopen them, and everyone will receive their withdrawals instantly.  Again, thank you for your continuous support and understanding.

4 - Language Translations 
Our new app update will be released tomorrow. In that update, we have added Chinese, Spanish, Vietnamese, Turkish, Portuguese, Japanese, and Korean languages. We will continue to add more languages in the future.


5 - More Deposit and Withdraw Options
We are adding 5 more coins to our wallet, including ETN token.  ETN will be in our wallet tomorrow, as the new update goes live. 

5 - Events
Finally, I am glad to tell you that our First Event in London has been scheduled for the 24th of November and on the 29th of November we will have our second event in Dubai. During the Dubai Event, we will be launching our Travel Portal as well.

For the London event, we have booked our venue at Hilton London Wembley.  When the Dubai event venue is finalized, we will announce it as well. We are looking forward to meeting 700 plus people at our London event on the 24th of November.


Lastly, Bitcreek is here to stay, and we will prove it with time. Action speaks louder than words.


Jaseer Hamadan with BitCreek Wallet Team