Step By Step How To Start BitCreek Wallet


1. Load the application, (click below on one of the pictures, and it will take you directly to your download)

Please note, Apple users must do 'Setting' after downloading our app. Go to - Setting/General/Device Management and Click on Edge Technology and Click on Trust



2. With the launched application, click on 'Create Account', come up with your username, and insert your referring code, in our case insert oscar in the Referral Code field.

3. Create a password for entry, repeat it for verification, then come up with your payment PIN code and continue.

4. In the next window, the system will generate 12 words for you. It is the Mnemonic Phrase and your access to the wallet.
MANDATORY: Save this mnemonic phrase, it will be needed to restore your wallet in case of force majeure (If you lose passwords and access),  After that, just continue.

5. Confirm that you wrote down the Mnemonic Phrase by arranging the words in the order in which they were presented in the previous window, and when you specified the order correctly, continue to the next window.

6. After you save everything, click on the "Sign In" and... sign in to Your Brand New BitCreek Account :-)

The username that you chose for yourself, is your referring ID, and as such, the Referring Code that your referrals will need to enter in the Referral Code field. 
Please know that no one can register without inserting a valid Referral Code.

Right after you successfully registered in BitCreek Wallet, you can access your own referring page.
Just go to the main BitCreek Wallet site, click there on Landing Page tab and insert your username.
Then just copy the URL from the browser window and save it as your BitCreek Affiliate Link to share with your friends and use on various online advertising sites.

When you are logged into your application, right in your 'Home' window, you will see many coins. The first coin is BCWT (BitCreekWalletToken), the BitCreek internal currency. You will earn all your profits with this coin and you will be able to instantly exchange your BCWT to one of the currently supported cryptos: BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, XRP, DOGE, USDT, NEO, and more and more coming,
and withdraw to your chosen address. 

How To Start Earning with BitCreek Wallet


You can call your BitCreek Earnings 'Paid To Hodl' (HODL stands for hold strategies in the context of cryptocoins) and... it is much more attractive than Paid To Click :-)

So, to earn profits, you will need to hold in BitCreek some coins. It is recommended to have at least $200 worth of total holdings. $200 is the required minimum to start earning referral commissions from the people below you.

BUT, $200 is NOT the required minimum to start earning your passive profits! You will earn your profits from any amount you put
into a 30-day holding. 

After the 30 days, you will be able to withdraw your coins, (without paying any withdraw fees like in all those other Super Wallets), 
or if you choose, reinvest them or reinvest just a portion of them. It is completely up to you. 

To put your coins into holding, first, (of course :-) you will need to have some coins in your new BitCreek Wallet.

1. On the Home page, just choose the coin you want to use and click on Deposit. Scan or copy the address and send any amount.
The time of the transactions varies, but do not take longer than normal.

2. After you see your new balance displayed on the dashboard, you will need to access the Menu, (click on the 3 lines on the top left side) 
and then click on 'Hold & Earn BCWT'.

Select BTC or another coin which you just sent, and click on ADD, and enter the amount.

Next, read and agree with the Terms and finish your transaction.  

To see your just made transaction,  access from the menu your 'Holding Stats'. You will see there the amount you just sent for holding and the number of days needed to have that amount back.

Look, you can use your BitCreekWallet like a Piggy Bank. On all of your crypto sites, you can change your BTC (and/or other coins) withdraw address to your BTC BitCreek wallet's receiving address. And as soon as you see a new payment in your balance, add it into the 30 days holding. With time, those tiny amounts will nicely add up.

Every day you will earn profit from them. The profit will be added to your BCTW balance, and you will be able to see in your Transaction History' the exact amount of the daily earnings of your every big or tiny deposit.  


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Just click on the picture below and send us a short email.
We will do our best to answer all legitimate inquiries.

And, if you used 'oscar' Referral Code with your registration, you will get from us all the support and additional Marketing and HowTos material with your own referring code.  AND... your referring URL will be added to our team rotator and promoted online.